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Access Ready Monitor – Our Daily Disability News Update

November 30, 2021

It Pays for Auto Industry to Hire People With Disabilities

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What Really Matters?

Access Ready Inc. is a nonprofit cross disability advocacy organization promoting a policy of inclusion and accessibility across information technology through education and best practices. Access Ready Inc. shall make the results of its technical findings, policy discussions and advocacy efforts available to the public through, its social media stream and other public relations efforts. The Board of Directors of Access Ready has deemed inaccessible information technology to be a clear, growing, and present danger to the civic, economic, and social welfare of people with disabilities.

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Accessible Information Technology

We’re seeking to advance access to information technology and communications systems benefiting all people, regardless of their abilities.

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Expanded Accessible Voting Technology

We’re promoting nationwide expansion of accessible voting technologies including check-in systems in the poling place.


Workplace IT Should be Accessible to All Employees - Icon of Humans With Digital World Around Them Inclusion in Every Setting. 
Help for the Business, Government and Nonprofit Sectors to be Inclusive


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