VOTEC Corporation

John Medcalf - CEO VOTEC Corporation
John Medcalf – CEO VOTEC Corporation
A leading provider of Accessible Election Technology - Votec.
A leading provider of Accessible Election Technology – Votec.

VOTEC CORPORATION is a national leader in Election management and secure voter participation systems with forty years of experience. VOTEC provides software and hardware products and professional services to enable faster, more cost-efficient and more reliable election management while achieving compliance with accessibility standards.
VOTEC’s careful compliance includes state and federal election laws and regulations as well as the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Help America Vote Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended.
VOTEC’s software makes the creation, and management of voter records easier than ever. Covering the entire voter record lifecycle, their products are recognized as the leading solution for election management and their accessible WelcomeVoter Kiosk meets all 7 508 standards. State and county clients are served through offices in SAN DIEGO, California and by a wide-ranging team of experts spread across the nation in strategic locations. Customers include many of the largest metropolitan and county election jurisdictions.
The VOTEC executive team has decades of experience in election management, technology development, and accessibility. It is well versed in compliance standards and regulations. John Medcalf, VOTEC’s CEO, contributes the leadership necessary to the development of products and services and advises election officials regularly on topics vital to the security of the nations election system. He has guided the introduction of several first-to-market election-related products including the accessible WelcomeVoter Kiosk designed to allow voters with disabilities the ability to independently check in at the polls and have transparent access to their qualifying documentation. This provides the voter with a clear understanding of their right to vote or understand the reasons why they must vote provisionally or how to rectify any issue.
How does VOTEC stand out?
Experts in accessible technology specializing in complex projects and disability organizations site VOTEC as a leader in the development of accessible poll book technologies.
VOTEC has proven processes and technologies refined through hundreds of engagements with people with disabilities who have guided VOTEC’s development. From the outset, VOTEC invited input from people with all types of disabilities to guide the development of the fully accessible WelcomeVoter Kiosk.
VOTEC Corporation was designated an Access Ready Authorized Resource on November 1, 2018. This designation was recommended by Douglas George Towne Chair and Chief Executive Officer and confirmed by the Board of Directors of Access Ready Inc.
This action was taken in recognition of their significant investment in product and service development, for their provision of a vital solution related to the Access Ready accessible election technology strategy and their excellent record of engagement with and support of people with disabilities through their development, deployment and election management process.

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