Report on request for Access Ready Inc Board of Directors Action by 02-15-2019

Report on request for Access Ready Inc Board of Directors Action by 02-15-2019
Issued on 02-08-2019
Honorable members of the Access Ready Inc. Board of Directors,
Under the bylaws Article VII Section 9 as Chair I am requesting that you vote on the following agenda electronically
A simple response to the Chair-CEO by email will be registered by the Chair-CEO and then filed with the corporate Secretary.
A notice of this action will then be placed on the Consent Agenda and included in the Board package for the next formal meeting.
Your vote in this format does have the force and effect of an action in a formal board meeting. The Consent Agenda vote is a formality intended to give the Board a second look at actions taken electronically. Please reply to all when responding.
The voting on this agenda will be open until 5 pm on 02-15-2019
A failure to respond will automatically register as an affirmative or yes vote on the agenda.

1. The Chair-CEO requests the Board approve and accept the assignment of a contract for services between Doug Towne Inc (DBA Disability Relations Group) and Netcentric Technologies INC (DBA Commonlook). This contract and statement of work which are attached are directly related to the Strategy One process that has Access Ready utilizing the website scans sent to us by Commonlook along with the contact detail necessary to approach Subject Customers about their lack of accessibility through their websites. The contract has three months to run on the operational test of the program. At that time, I anticipate negotiating a new contract between Access Ready and Commonlook. The transfer of this contract has mostly to do with the ability of Commonlook to move the funding to Access Ready. There is nothing about the terms or the statement of work that we are not prepared to perform on as Access Ready. I will of course be the managing consultant on the contract as I was through Disability Relations Group. By accepting this contract assignment, we will be able to move forward with Strategy One and begin testing the model of negotiating with Business, government and nonprofits on the accessibility of their websites. As owner of Doug Towne Inc, I am assigning this contract at no cost to Access Ready Inc excluding the operational costs of performance which are paid for in the contract by Commonlook.

Gust Dean Doulou Yes without objection
Stephen M. Handschu Yes without objection
Paul R. Michaelis Yes without objection
Debra Roberts-Bellanti Yes without objection
William (Chip) Smith Yes without objection
Sheila Young Yes without objection
Board of Directors Actions completed by 02-15-2019
Certified Corey R. Saur
Corporate Secretary