Report on Request for Access Ready Inc Board of Directors Action by 12-05-2018

Report on Request for Access Ready Inc Board of Directors Action by 12-05-2018
Honorable members of the Access Ready Inc. Board of Directors,
Under the bylaws Article VII Section 9 as Chair I am requesting that you vote on the following agenda electronically
A simple response to the Chair-CEO by email will be registered by the Chair-CEO and then filed with the Corporate Secretary.
A notice of this action will then be placed on the information agenda and included in the Board package for the next formal meeting.
Your vote in this format does have the force and effect of an action in a formal board meeting. Please reply to all when responding.
The voting on this agenda will be open until 5 pm on 12-05-2018
A failure to respond will automatically register as an affirmative or yes vote on the agenda.
1. Request to approve the following policy on preventing conflicts of interest.
Policy 12-05-2018-2
Avoiding Potential Conflicts of Interest
No member of the senior leadership of Access Ready Inc. shall take or hold a position on any business, government or nonprofit governing body or advisory board without the approval of the Access Ready Board of Directors. This policy is designed to avoid potential conflicts of interest between the member of leadership, an entity that may be subject to an accessibility review and Access Ready Inc’s initiatives. Any person or entity joining the Leadership must make a full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest prior to their engagement. This policy is not meant to keep members of leadership from being involved in nonprofit organizations as members at the local, state, national or international levels. This policy applies to those holding titled positions at the C and D suite levels.

2. Requesting approval of the attached Culture, Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose statements.
3. Request approval of a change in title under approved or pending commission funded contracts for the following persons
Corey R. Saur Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Cynthia G. Hawkins Director of Structured Negotiations (DSN)
Zachary Able Director of Development (DOD)
4. Request approval of the attached versions of the Access Ready logos under a pending licensing agreement with Doug Towne Inc.

Gust Dean Doulou Yes without objection
Stephen M. Handschu Yes without objection
Paul R. Michaelis Yes without objection
William (Chip) Smith Yes without objection
Board of Directors Action completed by 12-05-2018