Gabrielle Ward

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Biographical Profile – Gabrielle Ward
Murfreesboro, TN 37132  615-417-1129  [email protected]

Gabrielle (Gabbie) Ward was born in Memphis Tennessee. Following her parents careers she was raised in both Tennessee and Texas.
She is a graduate of Brentwood High School in Brentwood Tennessee and is Currently studying Communications at middle Tennessee State University.
As a student advocate she has assisted in getting braille approved as an elective for students in Tennessee. She also helped spread awareness of the blind and visually impaired in the Williamson County school system. She has also counseled some blind and visually impaired students and their parents.
As she explains: “I am still a college student but that said, I counsel the accessibility department on how to improve accessibility at my college.”
As a communication major, she became interested in it through the courses she took, and she wants to use her major to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.
Everyone who knows Gabbie makes it clear that she is very goal and team oriented. everything she does works towards a goal, but she wants to reach that goal as a part of a team that works together to improve the world around them.
When asked what she enjoys the most she states: “I enjoy helping people and assisting in creating change. I believe I am a good communicator which Helps me understand the needs of others.”
Her sister is also a college student however they have different majors. She tells everyone she had a wonderful childhood with a Group of four sisters and two outstanding parents. As a visually impaired kid, my parents Helped her learn to advocate for herself and how to advocate for others.
As a young person just starting out, she is still unsure what she wants to do once she graduates. “I would like to help people with disabilities in some capacity as well as public speaking potentially.
In my opinion, life is about learning and helping.”