Zachary Abel

Zachary Abel biography

Zach Abel was born in Washington, DC and raised in Central Maryland.
He studied at Glenelg High School and moved onto Penn State University, where he received a bachelor’s in management science and Information Systems.
He sold items on eBay and Amazon for nearly 15 years until he started Socially Funded, a fundraising business utilizing silent auctions at charity events. His current business is most pleasing, because he can use creativity to give back to the community.
He is most proud of owning his own fundraising business.
He became interested in his current field about 15 years ago, when he found someone who does something similar to what he does and was fascinated by the business.
He keeps things simple and he’s easy to work with.
He enjoys creating a lot of the framed pieces that are eventually sold at events.
He says. what he does is unique in his family. His father was a computer engineer and his mother was a teacher. He says firmly that he is fortunate to have grown up in a loving, supportive family.
From a career perspective he says he would like to continue expanding on what he does and help more of the Tampa Bay community and beyond. That is in part why he took this position with Access Ready.
The one thing he would say about his profession, life and learning experience that he wants others to know about him is: “You have to keep working every day to learn and improve. You can never stop doing that.”