Access Ready Enviroments

It was just a short year ago that we first asked the question. Since we require that new and
modernized buildings be accessible. Why don’t we require that work places deploy technology
that is accessible thereby creating an access ready environment for employees with disabilities?
Since first asking the question the discussion has grown to include all places of public
accommodation. Without an access ready environment, managers often consider the cost of
accessibility before employing a person with a disability. When they do move forward, there is a
delay before employment can begin, an access ready environment could help.  Access ready is
still a new concept in the information technology world. Just think of the money, time, and
opportunities that will be saved in the long run. It could be a real commitment to information
technology by those entities who talk about employing people with disabilities.  Access Ready,
Inc. is seeking the support of disability, government, and industry leaders to putting an Access
Ready Policy into practice on a voluntary basis and then as a matter of course. Think of the
opportunities that could be created if every place of public accommodation were Access Ready.
Since asking the question for the first time the concept has grown into a national non-profit with
a Board of Directors that represents a sweep of industry leaders from advocacy to technology
development. Experts of many stripes have stepped up to lend their support, talents, and
corporate abilities to the cause. As an organization, it will soon launch access to an online
consumer technology store and a gift shop. To spread the word about the impact that accessible
and inaccessible information technologies have on people with all levels of disabilities. “Access
Ready People” the online magazine will debut later this spring. To provide educational services,
Access Ready Learning, a learning management platform will be coming along as well. Access
Ready, the organization is a nonprofit cross-disability education and advocacy organization
promoting a policy of inclusion and accessibility across information technology through
education and best practices. When formed the first policy put in place by its Board of Directors
was never to be a plaintiff in and/or financially support any legal action or lawsuit related to the
accessibility or inaccessibility of any information technology software, hardware or service.
Further Access Ready shall make the results of its technical findings, policy discussions and
advocacy efforts available to the public through, its social media stream, and
other public relations efforts. The Board of Directors of Access Ready has deemed inaccessible
information technology to be a clear, growing, and present danger to the civic, economic, and
social welfare of people with disabilities. In the past few days, Strategy One of Access Ready,
which is meant to educate Business, government, and the nonprofit sector on the need for
accessible information technology through an Access Ready Policy began reaching out to
various government entities across the nation. These communication waves deliver the results of
our website and attached documentation surveys through an invitation to discuss the situation
and develop an Access Ready Policy. The process includes three such invitations spread over
seventy-five days with three more to follow on the legal front to negotiate a structured settlement
if the Subject Customer so chooses that path. We invite you to visit which, like
many websites, is an ever changing work in progress. Watch as we grow and the idea of Access
Ready Environments becomes policy.