Access Ready Environments

Access Ready Environments
We require that new and modernized buildings be accessible. Why don’t we require that work places deploy technology that is accessible thereby creating an access ready environment for employees with disabilities?
Without an access ready environment, managers often consider the cost of accessibility before employing a person with a disability. When they do move forward there is a delay before employment can begin, an access ready environment could help.
Access ready environment’s is a new concept in the information technology world. Just think of the money, time, and opportunities that will be saved in the long run. It could be a real commitment in technology by those entities who talk about employing people with disabilities.
Establishing protocols that require accessibility within information technology, development, planning and purchasing, departments would go a long way toward setting the stage for access ready environments. Think of the possibilities across so many fields from administration to voting. When you make things accessible to the disabled you make them easier for everyone to use. Curb cuts proved that in the concrete world and Discover Access for Share Point is doing the same in cyber space.
DRG is seeking the support of Disability, government and industry leaders to putting access ready environments into practice on a voluntary basis and then as a matter of course. Think of the opportunities that could be created if every workplace were an access ready environment.

Douglas George Towne

Chair/Chief Executive Office – Access Ready Inc.