Access Ready Marketplace

Access Ready has a number of stakeholders and therefore a like amount of markets to build relationships with. In no particular order except for the first and foremost consumers with disabilities of all types. Then the parents of children with disabilities and the family/friends/supporters within the disability community. The professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, and we must not forget policymakers and government bureaucrats. There are so many people involved from so many aspects that an exhaustive list is not possible. Let us take just a moment to recognize the caregivers in the lives of people with disabilities. Many of us do not like to say we have caregivers, but we do. Yes, many are under the cover of friends and family, but they are caregivers none the less. Whether they are a friend down the block who takes the time to help us play when we are just children or the elderly lady who reads to us in school, we must pay our respects to them all.

Access Ready must also appeal to the professionals in the field of information technology. The developers, makers, buyers, managers, and funders that decide what the future of technology is going to look like in every setting. We must reach the designers and developers of new technologies in order to shape the inclusivity of new or updating goods and services. The makers and marketers of information technologies are of prime concern because they must learn the needs of people with disabilities and that it’s not just about compliance with the law, but usability as well. We must help them understand how and why to market accessibility. The buyers are important to us because it is the purchasing officers of the world who often decide what is required and how those requirements are presented. The managers of information technologies hold a crucial place in the market because they hold the keys to what is and is not possible in the view of the buyers and funders. It is the funders who are otherwise known as policymakers and enforcers who set the stage for the inclusion or exclusion of people with disabilities. Policy makers are often our elected officials, to begin with, and policy enforcers are the bureaucrats that carry out the intent of policymakers.

All these and more make up the marketplace for Access Ready. We must not forget the advocates, nonprofits, sponsors and technology resources that support us as well. While the Access Ready Execution Team includes several with marketing backgrounds we seek more expertise to work with and advise us. If your interested in supporting our marketing efforts please contact us through [email protected] to get started. In our search for marketing talent, we are fortunate to have been offered the services of a leader in the marketing community with a wide range of experience. Her background including work in strategy and positioning, business development, relationship marketing, brand architecture and corporate identity among other skills promises to advance the cause of accessible information technology. Access Ready Inc is honored to welcome Debra Roberts-Bellanti to its Board of Directors as Chair of Market Relations.

As Access Ready reaches out into its various markets we hope to bring clarity and understanding to discussions related to accessible information technology. As an educational advocacy nonprofit our purpose is to bring about understanding across all these markets of the crucial place that accessible information technologies play in the future, civic, economic, and social lives of people with disabilities.