Accessible Elections Legislation Has Not Helped Much

Accessible elections have not helped much.

Many have worked hard to make the election process accessible to voters with disabilities. Many have not taken advantage of it though, if they had, HR 620 would not be such a threat to disability rights.

The Oct 2017 GAO report on the accessibility of polling places painted a dismal picture of election accessibility. If Americans with disabilities forced the issue and collectively used the ballot box we would be an unstoppable political force.

The political pendulum currently at the extreme right will swing back to a more even distribution of power in this nation. We must work to move it towards that tipping point where the rights of people with disabilities and so many others will be safe again.

Access to the entire election process is vital. This must include a voter driven transparent and accessible check in process at polling places.

Election accessibility and accessible voting technology for all.
Election accessibility and accessible voting technology for all.

VOTEC Corporation is the only election system vendor that has engaged the disability community on the development of an accessible check in kiosk for polling places. The result is a 508 compliant product that serves the widest range of people possible.

Douglas George Towne
Chair/Chief Executive Officer – Access Ready Inc.

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