Online Accessibility is Vital Now More than Ever, and We are Here to Help!

Working from home, distance learning, and online communications are vital now more than ever, and we are seeking to help ensure that the most vulnerable among us are fully able to access communication, education, and information during this unprecedented shift in our culture. Access Ready and our sponsors, like CommonLook and Votec, stand ready to assist business, government and non-profit sectors as they seek to ensure accessibility for all. We can provide guidance, direction and resources free of charge, and help reduce barriers for those with disabilities. Like many times before the American People are facing a sudden assault which has come without warning. 

As before there are those who question whether our leaders knew what was coming and failed to act.  Like in the case of Pearl Harbor and September eleventh we will leave those questions to future historians.  At this moment it does not matter. What does matter is what is being done now.  We all pray American business, government and nonprofit leaders across the entire landscape are moving as quickly as possible. 

There are those that say this enemy may only effect two percent of the population. That could mean the deaths of 7.5 million people.  Experts say that Coronavirus is most deadly to elders and/or those with underlying conditions. For the most part for underlying conditions read “people with disabilities”.  Like with the cost of accessibility, America does not and has never sacrificed lives for dollars. We have never consciously left anyone behind.  Historians will tell you that we have been unprepared for assaults in the past but came back in each case to defeat our enemy. Like always before the American people, industries and governments are rising to meet the assault. 

True this is a war like none other, but it is a war.  No matter how it started and where it came from, we know the consequences.  Like the other world wars that have come before this one will change how we live, work, play and view our society.  Stop and imagine for a moment what this would be like if we were not armed with the information technology, scientific abilities and medical know how of today?  Unlike times past we have the ability to inform, educate and manage this assault like never before.  There is no question that it will cause a rethink in how we prepare for and deliver healthcare in America.

In the past two decades emerging technologies have been steadily changing our economic, social and political lives.  Now with the emergence of this unseen enemy and terms like social distancing, telework, distance learning and other such digital age terms the accessibility of those technologies is even more vital.  Access Ready and its sponsors like Commonlook and VOTEC are not throwing stones as we stand together with America inside this glass tent.  We only ask that the business, government and nonprofit sectors give thought to making sure that their communications are accessible to people with disabilities.  If they are not sure how, then call on us and we will provide guidance and direction to resources free of charge. 

If you’re a person with a disability having difficulty getting accessible information call on us and we will do what we can to find and provide access to the information and resources needed.  For the remediation clients of Commonlook, work is not affected as they are a distributed team and can continue to handle both large and small remediation projects without interruption. CommonLook would like to do their part so they are willing to provide free remediation work for Federal Agencies on the front-line such as the CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA, VA for any emergency documents of a few pages in length that should be accessible to the visually impaired during this pandemic. VOTEC is reaching out to its election clients to support safe, secure and healthy elections in this time of postponements, delays and uncertainty. They are also a nationally distributed team and are working to safeguard our election process.  We will get through this together and defeat the Coronavirus as Americans and citizens of the world. Then with the accessibility lessons we have all learned we will get back to our advocacy work and the development of a fully accessible digital world. 

If we can help, please email us directly at [email protected] or call us at 727-531-1000 Ext 111. 

This is World War V, and it is time for all of us to forget the me and concentrate on the We. For We are all in this together. 

The Access Ready 

Sponsors, Execution Team, and Board of Directors.