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Accessible Technology Expert Consultants

We understand the complications and expense involved in choosing to become Access Ready. Entities that embrace an Access Ready policy can accomplish this effort over a five-year budget cycle without unrealistic difficulties. We believe that encouraging Access Ready in all settings will create a better world not only for individuals with disabilities but for everyone. Click on any link to learn more about the organizations and people who can help improve accessibility within your organization.

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Eve Hill (ESQ)
VOTEC Corporation

What is an Access Ready Authorized Resource?

To become an Access Ready Authorized  Resource A participant must meet particular qualifications. Only the Chair-CEO Douglas George Towne can submit a candidate to the board of directors for approval.

    • A sampling of the review points that authorized resource applicants must submit to are, but are not limited to:
    • A customer opinion and service review,
    • A corporate and financial stability review,
    • A technology and usability review,
    • A goods or services pricing review,
    • A personnel training review,
    • A customer service process review,
    • A corporate disability philosophy review,
    • A corporate history and ownership review.

The Chair-CEO and Board of Directors reserve the right to require additional information or cancel the authorized resource status for cause. Any person or entity having an issue, complaint or compliment related to an Access Ready authorized Resource should contact us at 727-531-1000 or by Contact Us