Becoming Access Ready

The Term “Access Ready” is a broad one. Becoming an Access Ready entity is a process, and we understand the complications and expense involved in choosing this path. Entities that embrace an Access Ready policy can accomplish this effort over a five year budget cycle without unrealistic difficulties. We believe that encouraging Access Ready in all settings will create a better world not only for individuals with disabilities, but for everyone.

There are many resources on the various categories of accessibility. Physical and programmatic for example. Below you will find some links to resources.
The Access Ready Environments Policy is primarily concerned with the accessibility of information technology platforms and solutions. To begin the examination process we start by asking some relatively simple, but direct questions. The answers lead us to the major points of our process that is designed to assist business and government in establishing a Access Ready Environment through both public and employee facing information technology elements.

1. Does the entity have in place a policy that requires all internally developed, purchased or leased information technologies meet accessibility standards under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended?

2. Does the entity have in place a policy that requires all documentation published through information technology be properly formatted and/or remediated to be accessible to people with disabilities both externally or internally?

3. Does the entity have in place a policy that requires any changes or uploads to its website follow accessibility protocols to prevent the site from becoming and more inaccessible over time?

4. Has the entity had its website surveyed for accessibility by a qualified provider?

5. Does the entity have its own team members or have a working relationship with a website developer who are WCAG and/or 508 qualified?

6. Does the entity have a person who has been appointed to be its Americans With Disabilities accessibility officer who is appropriately trained with the authority to require and drive accessibility policy?

7. Is the entities management willing to commit to a review of its information technology infrastructure in order to ascertain what must be done to fully implement an Access Ready Environments policy.?

8. Is the management of the entity willing to enter into negotiations to establish an Access Ready Environments policy?