If We Don’t Fail

In the past millennium, the mind of humanity gave the printed word to the masses, gave individual freedoms their greatest opportunity, freed many from slavery, and began the industrial revolution easing the burdens of millions while providing opportunities to many more. We harnessed wind, water, fire and the movement of people and revolutionized government.

In the last century, we probed the depths of the oceans, took to the air, stepped foot on another world and eradicated diseases. We took the industrial revolution from the mechanical to the intellectual through the evolution of information technology. We split the atom, mapped the human gene and so much more.

The knowledge base of humankind is online for all to access and our understanding is growing by leaps and bounds at a rate multiplied by the speed of thought enhanced by the power of faster and faster information technology.

As we celebrate the two hundred and forty-third anniversary of the beginning of the American revolution, we can look back with great pride at the accomplishments of the republic through its people.

With the exception of native Americans who are the only true possessors of this land, we are all immigrants from other lands. Our ancestors came here seeking a better life and to build something new.

Our collective and individual drive, ingenuity and sheer fortitude in the face of great odds and adversity made America what it is.

Not a place of one religion, creed or color.

Not a place of those who have and those who have less. Not a place of hereditary privilege or poverty.

Not a place where you are judged by who or what your parents were, but by what each of us makes of the opportunity we each have as Americans.

We The People have fought mighty wars to defeat such contentions, making it clear that we will not be such people.

There has been a growing feeling that we have somehow lost our greatness. A feeling fostered and grown by those who clearly do not understand the true heart of the American people.

We The People understand all too well what is going on. After all, it is We The People who hold the ultimate responsibility of how our government behaves.

Looking back we know what we have done and looking forward we know what the genius and generosity of We The People can do.

America must lead across so many fronts in the twenty-first century.

The inventiveness of our people knows no bounds. We can not even imagine the concepts, technologies, and expansion of abilities that are to come. The freedom that will come through such growth if we assure that all can utilize and participate in the miracles of the future.

In this, we are not talking just about making things accessible to people with disabilities, but accessible to all.

We The People have made hard choices in the past to do the right things. We again face such hard choices but have within ourselves the truth, justice, and compassion to bring American ideals to ourselves, our posterity and to the world.

Why do millions come to add their flame to our great torch of freedom? There are as many reasons as there are people, but it can be summed up in one word. Opportunity.

We as a nation are still struggling with this thing called freedom and how to make it work for all. It is the stories of those seeking the freedom that we want to hear the least, that we need to hear the most. They remind us of why America exists.

We The People have the capacity within ourselves to grow our freedoms until their light shines into every dark corner at home and abroad.

No, we should not police of the world, but we can grow freedom by example.

Give access to all. Make sure no one is left out. Make real the freedoms we each hold in our hearts.

Freedom of expression, speech, and worship

Freedom from fear, ignorance, and want

Freedom from dishonesty, exclusion, and immorality

Freedom of aspiration, invention, and empowerment


We can have all these things and bring them again to the world by example if we don’t fail.