Become A Nonprofit Access Ready Affiliate-Embassy

Embassy Building with Flag and Pillars
Embassy Building with Flag and Pillars

Become a Nonprofit Access Ready Affiliate-Embassy


Advocacy at the organizational level is costly and it is a matter of passion and often sacrifice. As an advocacy organization how many times has your nonprofit had to make hard choices about what issue is more important. How many times have staff paid out of their own pocket the cost of travel, or other advocacy related expenses with no chance of reimbursement because the funding just does not exist in the organization’s budget? Yes, it is their choice to support the mission in that way and truthfully nonprofit leaders often have to count on that kind of dedication to get the job done.

Yes, the work can be satisfaction enough, but for many nonprofit staff, it has meant going without personal needs and wants to do the right thing. Whether this is said out loud or not, we all know it happens and know the organization is blessed by it.

Advocacy organizations like yours do great work and employ as many advocates as they can and often offer some level of reimbursement to community advocates as well, but that still leaves thousands of great and passionate advocates on their own to do the work that needs doing.

Access Ready’s Affiliate-Embassy program is designed to fund advocacy efforts related to accessible information technology. The funding is in place and this is your nonprofit’s opportunity to do what your advocates love and earn income for the nonprofit while the organization makes a difference as an Affiliate-Embassy with Access Ready Inc. Beginning in the second quarter of 2019 the tools, training and support can be supporting the nonprofit to work with Access Ready on this most important effort. Whether the nonprofit is new to advocacy or an old hand we need nonprofit’s to recruit individual advocates and other organizations to advocate across the nation for accessible information technology. the organization can be as engaged as it wishes, simply make a commitment to provide meeting space for Access Ready advocacy related gatherings. Support Access Ready efforts by sending emails, making phone calls or gather staff and volunteers to attend a meeting where numbers are needed. Multiplying such actions by the number of the organization’s staff can make a tremendous impact at the right moment.

The organization can get fully engaged and work the Access Ready Affiliate-Embassy program utilizing staff or volunteers every day and earn fees for each action taken. The Organization can also work as a recruiter and bring other advocates and advocacy organizations into the program and still earn income for the organization for its efforts.

How the organization chooses to spend the revenue is its choice which means it is undesignated revenue. What a luxury in the nonprofit world.

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