Access Ready Sponsored Legacy


Leave an Access Ready Sponsored Legacy


Access Ready was formed to address the large and growing problem of inaccessible information technology. Every day the global technology infrastructure grows larger and more complex with little thought being given to access for people with disabilities or expanded access needs.

This is not just about access for those who identify as disabled, but it is about all users regardless of their abilities now or over time. What works today for a person may not work in the tomorrows to come seen through the prism of aging. Maturity brings expanded needs.

There is no question that over the coming century and beyond the accessibility of information technology will affect millions and eventually billions of people worldwide. Right now the situation is causing unemployment, disconnection, and the disenfranchisement all across the spectrum of people with disabilities and others. The digital divide is real and growing into a chasm.

Giving now to support Access Ready is much needed, but so is planned giving to support the culture, mission, vision, values, and purpose  in the future.

The world will most likely not remember the house you lived in, the automobile you drove or the life you lived unless you take steps to leave a legacy for all to see. Our friends and family will remember us, but over time even that will fade as the years ware on.

You can, however, take steps now to create a long-term legacy of inclusion, inspiration, and empowerment. A legacy that will touch those millions and yes billions of people in the future who will thank you for their employment, connectivity, and enfranchisement.

Today we all see information technology increasingly weaving its way into every part of employment, community, and civic life. Stop for a moment to consider what the future may bring. We can not even guess at the technologies to come or how they will affect society. Will it be a bright future of inclusion through accessibility or a dark foreboding time of exclusion without access for all.

When those millions go to apply for a job, reach out online or intend to be counted at the Ballot box, will they find inclusion or exclusion? Will they thank you for leaving a legacy that empowers them?

They can, and all it takes is a few minutes of planning and your determination to alter the future. Your legacy can be a historic future of inclusion through accessible information technology.

Just reach out to the Execution Team and we will help you plan your legacy with Access Ready.