No More Death and Disability for Profit Through Mass Gun Violence

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The world has turned around many times since I first posted this article. There have been fifty plus school shootings since the halls of Parkland echoed with gunfire and the cries of children. There have been hundreds more since Columbine and still we the people have done nothing. The bravery of one young person at a Colorado school has over aged us all and his name should not be forgotten while the names of the shooters must never be remembered. In the brave spirit of Kendrick Castillo let us all be just as brave in facing the duty we all have in the shadow of Kendrick’s sacrifice. The National Rifle Association (NRA) through their abuse of free speech is still a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States. Now quite proper questions are being raised about not only their tactics, but their tax-exempt status. Never have so few, endangered so many for so long. It is not just about the tragic deaths of children for whom we all grieve. It is also about the millions physically and mentally disabled by gun violence.  Great companies are and should continue to sever ties with the NRA and the voices of millions of young people are not intimidated by the tactics of gun extremists. The disability rights movement should follow on to prevent millions of gun-related disabilities in the future. Let us find a compromise.  The Second Amendment is a sacred constitutional trust between the American people and the government, we the people, established. Polls indicate that a super-majority want laws that make sense and at least attempt to keep guns out of the hands of the dangerous and deranged to help prevent deaths and disabilities through mass gun violence.  We must all applaud Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and others in the marketplace for having the courage to act where little is found among political leaders. The youth have it right when they say that the NRA is protecting the rights of gun makers and not the rights of gun owners. Cut up your membership card, no more death and disability for the sake of profit!  We the people demand changes. The NRA has bought lawmakers, we must do it for ourselves. Drop NRA memberships, and boycott businesses who support them. No more death and disability for profit through mass gun violence.