Proposed Budget Cuts will Negatively Impact the Disability Community

NOW is the time to advocate for Disability Programs Like Independent Living.

Many members of the disability community have historically looked to the Presidency for understanding, protection and support when it could be found no
where else. In this Presidency, Americans with disabilities and many other minorities find no shoulder to lean on.

I am a fiscal conservative disgusted by a bloated federal budget full of half hearted programs designed to give
the allusion of action.  However, MR President, minority communities like those with disabilities need help and your
protection, not to have programs cut with no replacement that would actually work. That is the opportunity.

The Budget Proposal Cuts Independent Living and other vital disability programs based on what I
must assume is a lack of understanding. I base this on the fact that to the publics’ knowledge he has no
qualified person with a disability advising him on these matters inside the bunkered White House.

MR President you are the most media aware person to ever sit in the Oval office. The disability community will
make you and the Congressional majority regret these cuts if they become reality. We are a tsunami of voters
sixty two million strong.  Since the disability rights movement began it has been the consensus that our issues were non-partisan.  This proposed budget has made disability a partisan issue for the first time in my memory. So be it. We must rise to meet the challenge.

Douglas George Towne
Chairman Disability Relations Group

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